Dr. Debra J. Walther Dr. Debra J. Walther
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How I Help

My clients are welcomed into a warm, safe and accepting space. I will help you to express your thoughts and feelings while I strive to understand your concerns.

My approach is active, collaborative and holistic. I work closely with other medical and alternative service practitioners, including providers of psychiatry, primary care and acupuncture. My therapy is based on your presenting problems and concerns. I also take into consideration past history, especially of relationships and significant life events.

My psychotherapy practice is informed by my extensive experience,training, and knowledge of mental health research. I am particularly interested in what we are learning about brain functioning as it relates to the mind-body connection. Advancements have had an impact on how I help my clients heal and lead happier lives.

In addition, research supports the efficacy of Emotion Focused Couple Therapy (EFT). Through the EFT model, couples learn how individual emotional stress reactions interact to create a cycle of distress. Distressed partners often feel emotionally distant and are unable to communicate. Changing the cycle leads to better communication within a close, emotionally supportive relationship.

Some couples are not ready for therapy. If one partner is ambivalent about staying in the relationship and or the efficacy of couples therapy, then I recommend we start with Discernment Counseling. DC can help couples decide a direction for a relationship within a short 1 - 5 session format.